Application for Financial Aid & Scholarships

We are committed to making an LCIS education accessible to a wide range of local families. Our robust financial aid and scholarship programme is unique on the island and supports many Bahamian families with partial and full awards. Award packages are competitive.

Please make sure that you provide complete and accurate information. Documentation must be provided to verify income, asset and expense information requested on this form. Please attach a letter along with this application explaining in brief why you are applying for aid, including any information that might help the committee in making a decision. The Financial Aid Committee reviews the information supplied in the confidential application form as well as the performance records of students under consideration.

All applications for Financial Aid are reviewed annually.  Recipients of Financial Aid & Scholarships are expected to be in good academic standing at LCIS at all times. In the event that a student’s academic performance falls below the School’s expected standards, the student’s aid will be considered under probation for the subsequent semester and may be withdrawn if a good academic standard is not achieved.

The deadline for application is 1 February 2020. Please return the completed document below under confidential cover to the attention of the Principal, Mr David Mindorff.