Testing and Interviews
Preschool Program
Parents will be asked to come for a brief visit during the month of February.

Junior Pre - Kindergarten
Junior Pre-Kindergarten applicants attend a one-on-one session and a group session. One-on-one sessions are scheduled individually during the month of January. Groups session dates will be communicated in January. The school will contact families of the applicants to schedule these sessions.

Pre - Kindergarten through Grade 2
Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 2 applicants will attend an individual session by appointment in the month of January to complete early literacy and math assessments to evaluate readiness for our program. The assessment is child-friendly and done on a laptop with an adult monitoring the process. The school will contact the families of the applicants to schedule the session.

Grades 3 to 11
Applicants to these grade levels will participate in a Saturday morning standardized testing session administered at the school. The school will contact you to schedule a session for January 27, 2018, or February 3, 2018.

The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) will include sections on reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and mathematics achievement and a writing sample. For more information on the ISEE test, please go to this link, select the grade level and year, and it will lead you to sample questions and detailed information about the assessment.
Students are expected to achieve average or above average results. If you have difficulty locating the additional information please contact Mrs. Rose Taylor at rtaylor@lcis.bs.

 Interview for Grades 6 and above
An interview for these applicants will be scheduled during January-February. Students and parents are involved in this process.

English as an Additional Language Proficiency
LCIS is able to provide some support to students with varying levels of English Proficiency. For non-native speakers, an assessment will be done to determine the student’s baseline level in speaking, listening, reading and comprehension. The school will contact you to schedule an appointment during January - February if this test is needed.